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Take Advantage of Our Easy Payment Plans
Lusso Wallcoverings offers you several ways to pay for your wall-covering. Choose whichever way works best for you.

Get 0% Interest Financing With 5 Easy Payments

This interest-free option allows you to split your order payment into monthly instalments. Simply use a credit card to pay 20%  of your order total and get immediate delivery of your wall-covering.

While you’re enjoying your indoor oasis, you’ll pay the balance of your order total in up to four equal monthly payments (5 total payments). The instalments are billed directly to your credit card. Lusso Wallcoverings Products adds no interest.

Example: You order a Lusso wall-covering for $699. Pay 20% ($139.80) and take delivery now. The balance is paid in four automatic monthly instalments on your credit card of $139.80 each.

Payment in Full

Use a check, money order, or credit card to pay the full cost of your wall-covering and Installation service.

We’ll ship your wall-covering out right away. Lusso Wallcoverings accepts VISA, MasterCard, JCB and American Express.

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