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Wallcoverings: The most powerful design element of any space

Quality Wall Covering
and Wall Finish 


Create a sanctuary where memories are made and cherished. Set the stage for a life lived beautifully.


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Wallpaper Installation Brisbane Trusts?

When it comes to hanging beautiful, luxurious wallpaper, why not get the best wallpaper installation Brisbane-wide?  You need reliability, great workmanship, and a great communicator.

When you need first-class attention to detail (especially with a difficult pattern in mind), work with the extremely helpful, patient, and informative wallpaper contractors behind Lusso wallcoverings.

Lusso Commercial

The Lusso commercial team collaborates with leading contractors, architects and interior designers, supplying wall-finishing solutions for residential projects, commercial and hospitality interiors and retail spaces.

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Styling Consultations

At Lusso, we understand that designing your dream home can be an overwhelming task. Our team of experienced designers is dedicated to creating personalised solutions tailored to your unique style and needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our styling consultations. 



Lusso makes your home so beautiful it will change your life, and alter the way you think about your walls forever... Experience the the perfect balance of sophistication and style. 

So go ahead, unleash your creativity. 


Questions about wallpaper contracting or have a questions about styling consultations, give us a call - its easier. 


There is no better way to ensure success with your wall covering than our Styling Consultation. Learn more in the FAQ at the bottom of the page.


We're the one-stop shop from expert styling to professional installation. Click the button above to start your free quote.

New to the Lusso family? 

Request your free Idea kit 

But what's in the idea kit?

  • 10-15 Wallcovering samples (A4 Size) 

  • How to manipulate perception of space in a room with wallcoverings

  • Price-list of how much you can expect to spend 

  • Colour-wheel explanations

  • Showcase examples wallcovering transformations

  • What is a Styling Consultation?
    Our Styling consultation service offers you peace of mind when choosing wallcoverings for your areas. Not only will our wallcoverings elevate your spaces and surrounding areas, they are of exceptional quality and will add value to your home. A Lusso design consultants will come to your home. Suggest the best selections that suit both your style and lifestyle. They probe and learn what you want to achieve. With many years of experience, they can suggest different covering options that match your dream. All design elements within the area will be considered, then design suggestions will be presented to enhance what you currently have or may be planning to incorporate in the future. Our designers ask questions you may not have thought of. Many factors can impact on a space, these include; lighting (artificial and natural) air quality (humidity) existing colours, textures and patterns space shape furniture and decor Our consultants will bring samples for you to view so that you can touch and view the amazing quality of your Italian designed and made products. You will also have access to special offers not available via our website. So take the stress, calculations and guesswork out of the equation and book your consultation today! Our consultant appointments are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Call: 1300887951 Email:
  • Do you install wallcovering/wallpaper purchased elsewhere?
    We sure do. Get in touch today for your free online quote Questions? Call: 1300 887 951 Email:
  • Will Lusso products damage my walls when removed?
    Absolutely NOT! This couldn't be further from the truth. A common misconception is that all wallcoverings will be impossible to remove. Contemporary wallpaper can be removed using nothing more than your hands, a bit of strength and water. No damage to the wall at all. On average, per team member here at Lusso Wallcoverings we'll remove 16 square metres in 1 hour. That's 2 walls sized 4m x 2m .
  • Is there any warranty?
    YES! Receive 5 to 7-years limited warranty on wallpapers purchased through Lusso Wallcoverings. (Note: warranty not included on procured wallpaper. Unless discussed otherwise.)
  • What's the lead time
    Allow 1 - 4 weeks delivery / lead time. If you also have chose a Lusso installer your installation is prioritised to be installed shortly after.

Lusso Wallcoverings

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