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NEW SERVICE: Wallpaper Styling Consultations

Contemporary Wallpaper

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Traditional Wallpaper

Get Contemporary Wallcoverings
without making styling mistakes!

Confused by the endless options of wallpaper designs out there? It's not your fault - there are literally millions of choices. And when you factor in all the colors available, it's overwhelming. But here's the thing: you can succeed at interior design and wallpaper selection. You deserve to have a home that reflects your style and personality. Don't listen to the advice to uproot everything; you can fall in love with your space again without starting from scratch.

Ever received a generic, low-quality wallpaper that didn't align with your vision for your home? Not here. We're all about understanding you on a deeper level and creating designs that truly resonate with your dream home vision. We're not here to sell you a one-size-fits-all solution, but to craft a unique wallpaper styling consultation tailored to your tastes and preferences.

If you're yearning to transform your house into the luxurious home you've always dreamed of, we're here for you. Let's work together to create stunning designs that will breathe new life into your living space. Give us a call today to discover how our personalized approach to styling can turn your home into a place of beauty and elegance.


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When it comes to hanging beautiful, luxurious wallpaper, why not get the best wallpaper installation Brisbane-wide? You need reliability, great workmanship, and a great communicator.

When you need first-class attention to detail (especially with a difficult pattern in mind), work with the extremely helpful, patient, and informative wallpaper contractors behind Lusso wallcoverings.

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Contemporary Wallpapers for Walls.

Wallpaper Styling Consultations

Get it right the first time! find a wallpaper you love with tips from the professionals.

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Wallpaper Styling Consultation - Recommended

We will be happy to show you fabric samples in person as well as offer professional guidance with things such as: Colour Selection, Design Selection, Placement, Conflicting Design Variables in the home.

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Lusso team member will also bring our wallpaper collections you can view while the staff member is completing their task. 

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Our Latest Additions
Check out our contemporary wallpapers and make your home tell your story in 2024
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Linen wallpapers
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Check out our contemporary wallpaper samples and learn what all thefuss is about!

Free Idea Kit
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Learn more about Lusso Wallcoverings products, prices, feature-wall selection. colour choices and more.

Wallpaper Styling

Lusso Endorsed Interior Stylists show you how to create breathtaking designs with specialty luxe wallpapers
(2 hour style consultations)

0% Interest Financing

Get 0% Interest Financing on direct orders, just 5 easy payments.

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When you order directly from Lusso Wallcoverings, you have the option to split your payment into monthly instalments. Simply use a credit card to pay 20% of your total order and get immediate delivery.



Home decor goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about creating a sanctuary where memories are made and cherished. It’s about expressing yourself and setting the stage for a life lived beautifully.

So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and transform your house into a home that tells your unique story.

What our clients say about us

I have much to thank Marcus for. Not only did he transform a very plain white wall into a stunning linen covered wall that is simply aesthetically beautiful, but he also made the whole process so exciting through his confidence and infectious passion for his work. Professional, reliable, personable, skilful and a great communicator. Marcus is a delight to work with, I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone thinking of adding a luxury feature wall to their home.

- Merilyn O'Toole, Gold Coast

Get the living space of your dreams, from bedroom walls to lounges and halls.

Change your workplace environment and turn a good job into a great job

 Lusso Commercial Wallpaper Installation trusted by:

- Mulpha

- Subway chain restaurants

+ many more

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In-home wallpaper style consultation with an Interior Designer

Imagine turning the pages of our sample book, running your fingers across the luxurious textures, and visualizing how each wall could transform your space. This hands-on experience is the key to finding your perfect match, ensuring that every room in your home is a true reflection of your style and personality. 

  • What is a Wallpaper Styling Consultation?
    Style your home the way you've always wanted. No more "designing in the dark". No more guesswork. Get it right the first time. Get the wallpaper pros to make that a reality. The main goal of this service is to create depth in your home with a style you love. We'll get to know you and your style. We'll learn about what you want the space to feel like. Asking you questions, so we understand what you want to achieve. Our skilled interior stylists have been trained in modern styling. They'll mention the design elements that will make your space shine. Often, homes lack good centers of interest or attention. We call these focal points. Focal points are crucial if you want a space to have depth. We help select the focal point area. We help select the texture and fabric for that focal point. We give tips on what designs will make the room feel like - that match your styling goal. Tips such as: -Colour choice -Pattern/Design conflicts -Material choices -Lighting concerns -Furniture matching -Decor matching AND, you get to see and feel the wallpaper in your home. Run your fingers over the textures. See how the colours work with your furniture. AND, you'll get access to offers that you won't see on our website. You may be thinking this service should be free. But if it was free we'd have to focus on a sale; We don't want this. We want to help you create your dream home. We're serious about this. We'll give your money back if you think we've wasted your time. We can complete 10 stylings a week. Don't miss the chance to create the home of your dreams. Book your wallpaper styling consultation today! Call: 1300887951 Email:
  • Which locations are the Wallpaper Styling Consultations?
    Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay (and surrounding areas)
  • Do you install wallpaper as well?
    Yes - We offer installation services.
  • Is there any warranty?
    YES! Receive 5 to 7-years limited warranty on wallpapers purchased through Lusso Wallcoverings. (Note: warranty not included on procured wallpaper. Unless discussed otherwise.)
  • What is Contemporary wallpaper?
    Some Contemporary wallpaper has patterns but more often contemporary wallpaper relies on the material element. Traditional wallpaper would often have to depend on patterns and colour for its styling function. Whereas, Contemporary wallpaper will use rich colour whilst also incorporating textured surfaces. There are various fabrics used from felt, linen, glass-fabric, glitter, and cork - just to name a few.
  • Does Contemporary Wallpaper work with Neutral Colour palettes?
    Contemporary Wallpaper Support Neutral Colour Palettes - Neutral Colour Palettes are timeless colour shades that create a sophisticated and serene home atmosphere and make living spaces feel larger, brighter, more inviting and more comfortable. Neutral colour palettes work best with high amounts of texture to add the depth of design, so contemporary wallpaper suits this colour palette perfectly. A neutral colour palette is actually an investment in your home that will save money and pay dividends in the long term, as you won't need to update your home décor as frequently to keep up with changing trends.
  • When's the best time to pick wallpaper?
    Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you wallpaper is best picked at very start of your decorating process. Why? Wallpaper is the background of any great design because it's the biggest visual element of the space and it covers floor to ceiling. And a good stylist will always from the largest visual piece down to the medium sized items, down to the smaller items. AND just like a painting would lack depth with no background, a home requires a background to add depth to the styling.
  • Is Contemporary Hard to remove or will it damage my walls?
    Absolutely NOT! This is all true for traditional wallpapers. BUT, for contemporary wallpaper, this couldn't be further from the truth. A common misconception is that all wallpaper will be impossible to remove. They think it will rip off in tiny strips taking days of labour and abrasive scraping and damaging the wall in the process. Contemporary wallpaper can be removed using nothing more than your hands, a bit of strength and water. No damage to the wall at all. On average, per team member here at Lusso Wallcoverings we'll remove 16 square metres in 1 hour. That's 2 walls at 4m x 2m .
  • What's the lead time
    Allow 1 - 4 weeks lead time.
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