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There are many advantages to owning a Lusso wall-covering. Here are just some of the reasons that Lusso Wallcoverings is the #1 recommended of wallpaper products Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron.

Wallpaper for walls

Transform your home into the perfect social space.

Depending on the entertaining space, it's always fun to have a quirky or different item or area that defines the room. Zoning your home with wallcoverings is a brilliant way to easily differentiate your social home hub from your private working space.

Bedroom wallpaper for walls

Noise Reduction

Many of the materials, like suede and felt wall-coverings absorb unwanted acoustics and make for an even more relaxing environment beyond the already stunning aesthetic.

Affordable Designer Elegance and Artisan Crafted

With a Lusso wall-covering, you never have to compromise on beauty, quality, protection, or safe, easy, reliable purchasing decisions. It’s a fact: You can pay more, but you simply cannot buy a better, higher-quality wall-covering than a Lusso wall-covering. You get custom-designed home without the custom design prices — that’s why you’ll find Lusso Wallcoverings gracing the bedrooms and lounge rooms of thousands of people in Australia

Greater Enjoyment At Home

A Lusso walls wall-covering transforms your bedrooms, lounge rooms, home offices, media rooms and more into a beautiful indoor oasis where you and your family will love to spend time. Your new space is a great place to entertain guests, or simply relax. Our limitless design and fabric options increase your enjoyment into the every room and allows you to “set the mood” however you please. With a Lusso wall-covering, you’ll enjoy your time indoors more than ever before.

Grasscloth wallpaper

Luxurious Living

Having the Luxury suite style inside your home is easily attainable with wall-coverings. The wall-covering transforms the whole room in an instant by hiding the plain painted walls with texture and warm colours. 


Texture like suede, silk, linens etc. embraces the space and invites a relaxing mood.

The Secret of minimalist decorating

Stuck in a rut trying to get that perfect design for your home? With a Lusso Wall-covering you control the room design and direct the ambience however you please. A Lusso Wall-covering gives you grandeur and beauty but requires no cleaning or decluttering

Office Wallpaper for walls

Sizing Options

Lusso Wallcoverings offers variety of sizes that uniquely fit your home. No matter the size or shape of your walls, if it can be painted, it can be covered. 

More Features:

  • 5-year Limited Warranty Wall-coverings purchases are with a 5-year limited warranty. We know you’ll be delighted with your wall-covering.
  • Luxe style wallpapers Using a high-quality natural materials that are almost maintenance-free, providing decades of trouble-free beauty.Improve your rooms aesthetic without adding more clutter!
  • Professional Wallpaper Installation Optional to those who purchase a Lusso wall-covering. With Installation being completed by our trusted team, you’ll know that you’re getting someone who’s able to plan out and complete the installation flawlessly.

  • Low Maintenance Lusso’s Wall-coverings are designed to be almost maintenance-free, providing years of trouble-free service. We have an optional Cleaning Kit for keeping your wall-covering looking its best.

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